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Introducing our AI Studio. Our research, design & development studio focused on collaborating with Non-Profits and mission-aligned teams on their AI journey.

What We Do

We work with exciting companies to uncover & create custom AI solutions
that can unlock team productivity and solve tangible business needs.

How We Can Help

Our Designers & Developers collaborate with your team to help kickstart your AI journey,
and quickly develop prototypes that can drive meaningful results.

Kickstart your team's AI Journey in 1 week.

AI Design Sprints

Accelerate your AI journey with a working prototype.

AI Prototyping

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AI Studios are primarily applied AI companies that help businesses solve challenges and/or unlock new ways of working, by using the positive power of AI and related technologies.

The ARRVL AI mission is to help people and businesses tackle the world's most pressing challenges, by using the positive power of AI.

Our talented team pulls from our collective experiences of making advanced technologies work for people, and help teams like yours to either start their AI journey (through AI Design Sprint solutions), and/or, help them realize their vision by developing tangible software prototypes that can be tested with real people (through Prototypes solutions).

Through our AI Design Sprint solutions, we collaborate with your team to uncover challenges and opportunities for your business, ideate ways to solve them, and test a compelling solution with real people, all in ~5 days. Your team will walk away aligned on ways to help the business, excited to start their AI journey, more informed on ways to leverage AI, and equipped with qualitative test data to support decision-making.

Through our Prototype solutions, we help further your team's AI journey by developing functional software prototypes that translate your team's vision into reality. The prototype software is yours, can be used to demonstrate value to your stakeholders, and ultimately helps create the kind positive inertia needed to bring transformative change to organizations.

Our team at ARRVL AI cares deeply about making a positive impact in the world, in ways that most align with our values, and that helps good people do good work. Collaborating with Non-Profit organizations on their AI journeys is simply a natural fit for our mission.

No. We work with like-minded teams that have missions to act in service of others, regardless of their corporate structures. We're happy to work with any teams that are doing good in the world, are on their own AI journey, and are looking for an enabling ally.

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